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Sanzhi UFO houses, New Taipei City

10 of the most unusual homes in the world. Most of us have wildly different ideas about what a dream house should look like. 10 Bizarre houses, crazy and biz.


Kyzywy Domek(crooked little house) -Sopot, Poland. Built in 2004 it is part of the Rezydent shopping centre. Inspired by fairytale drawings & illustartions by Jan Marcin Szancer & Per Dahlberg.

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Adrian Sommeling Photo, Adrian Sommeling Photograph

Adrian Sommeling masterfully takes photographs of his sons.

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Las Lajas Sancutary, Colombia

Las Lajas Sanctuary (Spanish: Santuario de Las Lajas) is a basilica church located in the southern Colombian Department of Nariño, municipality of Ipiales and built inside the canyon of the Guáitara River.

Adrian Sommeling Photo

Adrian Sommeling masterfully takes photographs of his sons.