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the eight steps to writing power words in blue and white, with text below it
Professional Business Plan Performance Reporting and Feedback
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Great work! Gorgeous cover. Haunting and evocative and a whole new look for my series. Professional Business Plan Performance Reporting and Feedback
this is that home edition poster with the words, and an image of a plant on it
this or that: home edition
this or that, home edition, real estate marketing, realtor social media posts, engagement posts, realtor life, real estate facebook, real estate instagram, reatlor story inspiration
the 6 social media posts that sell your offers
6 Social Media Posts that Sell Your Offers | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
the top 20 instagrams on instagram
2024 Instagram Algorithm update
2024 Instagram Algorithm update #instagramalgorithm #makemoneyfrominstagram #passiveincome #workfromhome
an orange and white photo with the words get client's now written in it
30 proven ways to get clients Now! - Be More You Branding and Marketing
a purple and white poster with the words,'chatt prompts for content creation '
Chat GPT Prompts for Content Creation | Social Media Tips | Social Media Marketing
a poster with the words how to sell a product an honest approach to sales on it
How to sell a Product!
the funnel diagram for marketing funnels
the words copy that concerns are written in black on a white background with text below
Copy That Converts
the social media guide for bloggers to use on their blog or website, with text that reads how to create a social media ad
How To Create A Social Media Audit!
an ice cream cone with pink icing on top and the words social media pages below it
Social Media Packages
Social media manager, social media service packages
the 10 content ideas to help you get your first client as a social media manager
How to get your first client as a social media manager — Rebecca Hawkes • Confidence Coach UK
an info sheet showing the different types of font and numbers for each type of text
96 Copywriting Power Words To Increase Conversions on Your Sales Page - Blog from Ashlyn Carter | Launch Expert & Copywriter for Creatives
the benefits of social media for business book cover with black and white photograph of ocean waves
Here are some benefits of using social media for your business in 2022!
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk with the words how to create a portfolio when you have no experience as a social media manager
How to Create a Social Media Manager Portfolio
a circular diagram with the words do you need a social media manager? and what to do about it
Do you need a social media manager? See if you do here ⤴️ #socialmedia #mediamanager #socialmediamanager #media #manager
the social media manager checklist is shown in black and white, with text that reads why hire a social media manager?
How To Write a Business Plan in 9 Steps (2024) - Shopify
the social media strategy is shown in pink and white, with text that reads why you should
Why You Should Hire A Social Media Manager
Why hire a social media manager, how social media managers can help you, tips and tricks, consistency, time management, expertise Instagram Posts, Media, Instagram Post Captions, Hiring, Social Media Branding, Content, Management
Why hire a social media manager?
You know you need to be on social media - but do you have the time to create, edit, and post your content consistently? 🔍 That's where we come in! Hiring a social media manager saves you time and headache as we take care of everything for you. From crafting eye-catching captions to curating high-quality images, we ensure your brand is communicated in the best possible way. We also make sure that your presence on social media is consistent and engaging, building a strong relationship with your
a large number of black and white presentation slideshows with the title slider open
Chic Noir Luxe Pitch Deck | Canva-Editable Slide Deck Mastery
Master your presentations with the chic Noir Luxe Pitch Deck, expertly editable in Canva. This elegant template sets the stage for pitch-perfect decks, engaging webinars, and professional business presentations. Dive into innovative slide ideas and reinvent your deck presentation.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a desk next to a vase filled with flowers
Social Media Manager SMM Portfolio Template Canva, New Customer Onboarding Template, Client Welcome Pack,digital Marketing Agency Pitch Deck - Etsy
Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: Social Media Manager SMM Portfolio Template Canva, New Customer Onboarding Template, Client Welcome Pack,Digital Marketing Agency Pitch Deck
the powerpoint presentation is ready to be used in any business or company's website
Social Media Manager SMM Portfolio Template Canva, New Customer Onboarding Template, Client Welcome Pack,digital Marketing Agency Pitch Deck - Etsy
starting a business, start a business, how to start a business, business ideas, free business resources, free worksheet for business owners, how to find a business idea, business idea to start from home, online business ideas, online business, business tips, starting a business tips, career development, starting a business with no money, free business resources
The Difference Between Branding and Marketing | Small Business Marketing Tips
an info sheet describing how to use social media tools for content creation and marketing purposes
Time management: Learn How to batch plan 30 days of content in 1 day
Batching social media content can be an effective way to streamline your social media marketing efforts and ensure a consistent presence online. Here are some steps to create a strategy for batching social media content! #batchcontent #socialmediacontent #socialmediamarketing #socialmedia #socialmediadesign #contentideas #contentcreator
an info sheet describing the steps to successful sales success in content marketing and lead marketers
Ep 50: The Simplistic 5 Step Sales Process To Running An Automated Business | By Kristin Korn
a pink poster with the words guess who?
60 Scroll Stopping Hooks To Use In Your Content
Swipe and steal these hooks for your next piece of social media content! 🥳 #socialmediatips #instagram #digitalmarketing
Email Marketing Cheat Sheet that covers the best practices of writing an email subject title and 20 types of subject headlines that will improve your click-through rate. Organisation, Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
Best practices for email titles and the 20 types of email subject headlines that will improve your click-through rate
a poem that says red hooks on the side of a white sheet with stars
Instagram Hook Ideas for reels to increase interaction and engagement Hooks, Instagram Ideas
Instagram Hook Ideas
Instagram Hook Ideas for reels to increase interaction and engagement
the five stages of customer awareness
5 Stages of Customer Awareness
a poster with the words branding with heart art
How to Brand your Business with H.E.A.R.T | Ashley Chymiy, Heart-Centered Coach
Brand your Business with HEART | On the blog, read about how to apply these 5 essentials to your brand! I'm sharing examples, tips, and strategies you can use to connect on a heart level with your customers. Learn more about brand strategy, selling online, marketing tips, content planning, business mindset, and more for solopreneurs and heart-centered thought leaders
a woman reading a book with the title how we use story telling to increase sales
Storytelling Marketing Sells: How To Write Better Content in 2023 | TONIC SITE SHOP
Are you looking for a way to take your content writing to the next level in 2023? Storytelling marketing is the answer. With the power of storytelling, you can increase engagement with your audience, build trust and loyalty, and ultimately increase your sales. This blog will provide you with everything you need to know about using storytelling in content writing and give you 2023's best practices to make sure your content stands out in the crowd.
a white background with the words how to use story telling in your marketing strategy 6 things to remember as you write your copy
The Secret Behind All Good Marketing
The secret behind all good marketing | You've probably heard about how storytelling can be the best marketing technique. But how do you do it? In this post, I'm sharing why storytelling works in marketing and 6 ways to include it in your own messaging, whether your website copy, social media content, or brand messaging! Make your audience fall in love with you and your content and convert them into dreamy, loyal clients and customers with these marketing hacks.
the anatomy of a great brand story
Anatomy of a GREAT brand story
Maximizing Profits: Power of Storytelling in Sales. Increasing sales with storytelling.
n the competitive world of sales, mastering the art of storytelling can be the key to unlocking higher profits and boosting your conversion rates. The power of storytelling lies in its ability to build trust, credibility, and a bond between the seller and the customer. Salespeople who understand the importance of storytelling can position the customer as the hero of the story, while positioning themselves as the mentor or guide. Captivating your audience, asking open-ended questions, and actively listening to your customer’s stories are essential skills for successful sales interactions.
a laptop computer sitting on top of a wooden table next to a potted plant
A Guide to Emotional Branding
a green and white poster with the words what is promotional branding and how to use it
What is Emotional Branding and How to Use It
A guide to emotional branding. When it comes to emotional branding, it can feel overly complicated, but it doesn't have to. You can master emotional branding in a few easy steps as an online entrepreneur. This guide will show you how to improve your branding by incorporating emotional branding, brand storytelling and more.
the winning bio checklist is displayed on an iphone's screen and in front of it
Tips for a winning Instagram Bio
Small business ideas,
Home-based business,
Work from home,
Online business,
Creative business ideas,
Side hustle,
Marketing tips,
Social media tips,
Branding ideas,
Website design,
Product photography,
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Productivity tips,
Time management,
Business planning,
Money management,
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Consulting business,
Coaching business,
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Digital products,
Subscription boxes,
Local services,
Retail business,
Food business,
20 Reel Ideas - Small Business Ideas
a black and white poster with the words call - to - action, chatsheet
CTA (call to action)