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Hand drawn portrait of dog in the neck scarf and with a rose. Vector animal illustration. Pug gentleman

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BESTIA CUSTOM DOG GEAR®proudly presents: The "GoldGiant" is one of our classic models. It has a decoration of 12 mm (1/2") long brass plated, gold color screw back spikes. The base layer of this collar is 4 mm thick belt leather of highest quality. Very strong and durable. The inside layer is our unique soft cushion. It is also 100%  lamb leather. This collar has a total width of 6,3 cm (2.5 inch). The buckle and D-ring measure 35 mm (1.4 inch) for sizes M - XL, and 50 mm (2 inch) for size XXL.

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#Doberman. Gimme five)
Собака породи Ягдтер'єр. 7 міс.

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a drawing of a dog with its mouth open and chains around it's neck
a drawing of a dog with chains on it's collar and mouth wide open
a black and white drawing of a bear's head with spiked spikes on it
a man's stomach with three dogs on it, and one dog is in the middle
two dogs fighting each other with their mouths full of sharp teeth coloring page for kids
Наруто | tattoos Надпись | эскиз тату | женская татуировка | маленькое тату
#партак#тату#эскиз#татуировка#эскизытатуировок #эскизытату#эскизы#ескизы#тоту #tattoosketch#tattooo#eskiz#партаки#тоту#тотуировка#партачёк#татупартак#скетчинг#скетчбук#скетч#tattoosketch#tattoogirls#tattoos #tattoostyle#tattoomodel#tattooing#sketch
two black and white wolfs with red eyes on a dark background, one has its mouth open
a black and white dog with red eyes on it's face is shown in front of the words iggy pop
Desert Daze 2017 Iggy Pop Poster designed by Branca Studio, printed at Monolith Press. Limited edition, silk-screened 18" x 24" poster.Poster will be mailed AFTER the festival. Processing can take up to 14 days post-fest.
a black and white drawing of a dog's head with its tongue hanging out
Доберман. Схема вышивки крестом - ВЯЗАНИЕ для ХОМЯКОВ
a man with a tattoo on his stomach has a dog's head in chains
a black and white tattoo of a dog's head
three black dogs with chains on their collars