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Partie 3 - fig. 47. Cosmovision. D’après Gebhart-Sayer.

D’après Gebhart-Sayer.

AMY WINEHOUSE. She tried to save herself... But in the end, it really was too late. I admire her for having the strength for trying, and at the moment of her death, she died with dignity because she was clean from drugs and alcohol..  Unlike Whitney Houston.. who drowned naked in a hotel bathtub... wasted.

Her style,the way she didn’t give a dam about what people though of her,her voice,they way she would talk,her big hair i loved.When I was going through my hard time Back To Black alubm was all I listined to.She was AMAZING R.

Amy Winehouse - A completely talented musician who has a voice like no other! A treasure to the music industry who's music still lives on even after her tragic passing at the age of 27. #club27

Can you believe it's already been a year since Amy Winehouse passed? It's a sad story but let's not forget the talent she brought to the music world. Check out photos of the singer below.

Amy Winehouse, the same age as me. Left us too soon. So sad we didn't get to hear more.

Amy Winehouse, the most talented, unique musician I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. RIP you beautiful and talented soul. You will NEVER be forgotten.

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