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an empty hallway with stairs leading up to the second floor
MB House in Palma de Mallorca, Spain by OLARQ Osvaldo Luppi Architects & Negre Studio
MB house is the latest collaboration between the architecture firm OLARQ and the interior design studio NEGRE. Forcefulness and elegance are combined to create a unique piece of domestic architecture conceived as a family oasis where privacy is the key word. #architecture #architect #amazingarchitecture #design #interiordesign #interiordesigner #decor #homedecor #home #house #luxury #diy #travel #amazing #photography #realestate #casa #arquitecto #arquitectura #mallorca #spain #pool
an empty room with wooden walls and stairs in the center, along with white railings
Vallribera Arquitectes, José Hevia · 59RUT
Vallribera Arquitectes, José Hevia · RUT House. Terrassa, Barcelona, Spain · Divisare
a dining room with wooden walls and stairs
Eight welcoming wood-panelled dining rooms
an instagramted photo of a staircase in a house with white walls and grey flooring
Gallery of Casa Sebbah / Pepe Gascon + ASA Alexandre Boulin - 5
there is a cat that is sitting on the stairs in this house, and it looks like he's going to fall asleep
Warm Architects completes house with a cast concrete staircase
an empty room with some stairs and a plant in the corner on top of it
180 m²: o dúplex cheio de charme de um jovem casal - Casa Vogue | Apartamentos
an empty room with white walls and wooden steps
RRC - Voa Arquitetura
there is a green staircase in the room
Tribute to E. Sottsass by Studio Paradisiartificiali
Recently redesigned by Studio Paradisiartificiali, this inspiring apartment is situated in Milan, Italy.
an empty room with white walls and stairs
Sanuki Daisuke Architects builds a house on dense urban plot in Vietnam