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Nothing more James Bond than a personal sub!

LUXURY SUBMARINES Seafaring Super-Rich Dive to Ocean Bottom in Luxury Submarines By A. Craig Copetas / July 10 The luxury-submarine business is sometimes hard to fathom.

..._A-10 warthog

Apparently this is the ugliest plane ever built. well, for an ugly plane, it's pretty GORGEOUS lol This one is from the TWF From England Air Force Base in Louisianna.


A Rafale pictured in a standard weapon load, AASM Hammer for strike missions and MICA and Meteor missiles for air-to-air work and extra fuel tanks.

A USMC Bell AH-1 Super Cobra outfitted with, left to right, AIM-9 Sidewinder anti-aircraft missile, 19xFFAR pod & TOW anti-armor missile rack.

A USMC Bell Super Cobra outfitted with, left to right, Sidewinder anti-aircraft missile, pod & TOW anti-armor missile rack. Flying in this was amazing

XB-70 Valkyrie: Mach 3 bomber.

Imagine it is you are an enemy of the US and this thing is coming your way at mach The Valkyrie sadly never made it to production.