: It's so WRONG that this is the truth!

Never have I been so sure of this as after the humane society decided to take my brother's kennel down. So many lies put out there. Breaks my heart to hear people saying what a monster he is when they have no idea what really happened.


This photo is art to inspire because it makes you realize how we as humans destroy nature for our own personal needs and we should appreciate the worlds natural life as well.

Una de las mejores imágenes que describe nuestra sociedad actual

This is really powerful. Reading is super important and I think this captures a very interesting view on the concept of knowledge. Reading gives you perspective

Look what our egos have done to nature

EGO VS ECO I prefer the Paradise to the right. The overwhelming obstacles that bar us from that Earth are insurmountable on our own. We Need the Creator.

theispot:  David Plunkert’s illustration for the article “The Future of Evil” is featured in the spectacular 60th Anniversary issue of Playb...

theispot: “David Plunkert’s illustration for the article “The Future of Evil” is featured in the spectacular Anniversary issue of Playboy.

The Society Today - In a light-bulb moment, the Candles got a Bright Spark to pop the lights out off the Bulb.

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