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Každý den není posvícení! - ME DH 2017 | Matej Charvat - MY RIDE 009

Thanks to a results from recent few races I managed to make it to the national team for the European downhill Champs Stanley already secured his spot a.

Pořád to tam je! - IXS EDC Willingen | Matej Charvat - MY RIDE 008

Second round of IXS European Cup in Willingen for also a second dh race for me this season. The track there is about being precise, fast and not making mista.

Besakih Mountainbike Park - Bali | Matej Charvat - MY RIDE 005

Besakih Mountainbike Park, is it worth it?

Exploring Java, Indonesia with Matej Charvat - Video - Pinkbike

Exploring Java, Indonesia with Matej Charvat - Video - Pinkbike

Bike Camp Jawa | Matej Charvat - MY RIDE 004

Matej Charvat, as a first WorldCup rider ever travelled thru whole Jawa, East to West and rode the most famous tracks.

Thailand Downhill Championships | Matej Charvat - MY RIDE 003

In real life it is not always like you have planned. Somehow I got informed that Thai DH Champs 2017 is happening nearby.