Preschool Fine Motor Skills

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A multitude of fine motor skills ideas: matching, lacing, pinching, blowing, numbering, etc. Find more ideas at

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Mini Foosball Table For Kids - I love make your own toy projects!

How to Make Mini Foosball Table For Kids - DIY & Crafts - Handimania

Create this super fun and inexpensive kid-sized foosball table!

DIY zipper board for kids- fun boredom buster and great for fine motor

DIY zipper board for kids - Laughing Kids Learn

Here is a handmade DIY zipper board for kids, which is great for developing fine motor skills, independence and sensory awareness. Suitable for ages 1 to 5.

Colorful Pom Pom Tube drop activity.  Great for color matching and fine motor development.  They could even use tweezers to pick up and place the pom poms for more fine motor exercise.

Pom-Pom Color Fun for Toddlers

All year we’ve been having fun with colors, but these past few weeks we had a fun pom pom center! This included a pompom drop and a place to sort the pompoms by color. I came across some great ideas for pompom drops on Pinterest, but this was just a quick throw-together. I would love to attach these to wood instead of just paper! Anyway, I began with cardboard tubes (I’m such a hoarder) and painted them 6 different colors using 2-3 coats of regular tempera paint. Then I attached them with…

The Ellie Grip is a "sock" for the hand to maintain correct pencil grip. The Ellie Grip has two holes for the index finger and thumb. The  other fingers remain in the sock. Will need to try this.

Ellie Grip (Left)

The Ellie Grip is a 'sock' for the hand to maintain correct pencil grip. The Ellie Grip has two holes for the index finger and thumb. The other fingers remain in the sock. The Ellie grip comes in red for the right hand and blue for the left hand. #329

Great tip for helping students to develop a proper pencil grip (or correct an improper one)

Pencil Grip Tip!

If your kindergartners (or pre-schoolers, first graders, children, fill in the blank) are anything like mine, MANY of them are still developing a proper pencil grip. Or actually, they have developed an improper pencil grip, and you are trying to re-train their hands.

Push Pins strengthen tripod fingers for writing

Getting Creative with Push Pins

**You can purchase the letter templates at the bottom of this post** My girls are always in my husbands office playing with the push pi...

Squeezing Water From Sponges with Garlic Press

The Wonder Years

This is a popular lesson introducing how to use a garlic press. The materials needed are shown on the tray. The sponge had been cut small enough to fit into the press. I really like this garlic press that I found at a thrift store because it is all one piece. The dry sponges are put into the bowl one at a time. Water, from the little pitcher, is slowly poured onto the sponges. It is fun for the child to watch the sponges grow as they absorb the water. One sponge is picked up and put into the…

Prewriting Activities for Under 5's from childhood 101

Pre-Writing Activities for Under 5s: Literacy Spot #32

When you think about the control required to hold a pencil and direct it to form letters it is easy to see why activities that strengthen/train the muscles in the hand and fingers are so important.

Simply amazing mazes for play by Teach Preschool

How to make a simply amazing maze for play

A simple and fun activity that will improve cognition and concentration in your students as they explore! Over the next few days, we want to share with you some of the fun ideas we have been exploring with mazes. But before we do, let's start with a simple tutorial on how to make an amazing maze

Cotton Ball Painting and building fine motor skills by Teach Preschool

Building fine motor skills with cotton ball painting

Open ended invitations to explore are a great way to promote creativity in your classroom! Today we talked a little bit about the letter Cc in our morning circle so to celebrate our letter Cc, I thought we should try some good old cotton ball painting... You can also

DIY dressing frames using thrift store picture frames and clothes

Dressing Frames & Other Goodwill Finds

The cheapest Montessori dressing frames I've found on the web is $9/each. The Goodwill store near me occationally has 50% off Saturdays so I marked my calendar and was there early looking for Montessori- like stuff. Specifically, I wanted to make some dressing frames. The picture frames were $1.50/each. The wooden tray was $1 and the two plastic red ones were $0.35/each. Bargain.For the clothes, I bought infant clothes ($1/each, 9-12month) and a red jacket with a zipper $1.50. I invested a…

Fine motor skills [Bloggers Talk] some good ideas

The bloggers talk about fine motor skills

I will had the privilege of joining three of my fellow bloggers on Google+ for a live video chat on the topic of fine motor skills. Before sharing our G+ Video (Shown at the bottom), I thought I would do a little reflection on the topic of fine motor skills...