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Marie Králová
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Almost convinced...

We're suckers for fantastic travel posters, and artist Steve Thomas has created a set that we absolutely have to put up on our walls: posters inspired by.

The 13 Gods of the Internet Pantheon :-D

The 13 Gods of the Internet.) - well, at least we are reverting to polytheism, that's "progress" too- next step is worshiping things that actually give life, such as dirt and sun, instead of androgynous gods

Cthulhu performs Hamlet! by drobrien on DeviantArt

Cthulhu gets in touch with his inner thespian in this promotional image for the Horror Comedy novella "Shakespeare v Lovecraft"!

Lovecraft street

Lovecraft Street Women’s T-Shirt

549428_10153671435321779_2627110659977050410_n.jpg (474×288)

549428_10153671435321779_2627110659977050410_n.jpg (474×288)


Cthulhu also if you do vote you will get to witness the Eldritch Truth and be filled with madness so your death shall only save you!