Parenting done right

My daughter insisted on being Princess Darth Vader. That's so awesome.I wanna be princess Darth Vader.or princess yoda.


This piece could inspire dozens of new ideas. It could be a classroom project or a travel journal piece or an ongoing journal of your children's drawings of houses that are eventually put into a book or collaged onto a large artwork like this one.

I want my husband to be willing to do goofy things with our kids:) haha

Father, son, husband and super hero dad to the rescuse. Just to be with his son. Give dads the equal rights and equality to be a dad. Be hero fight for dads.

Cute - another good grandparent gift

father's day gift ideas

DIY father's gift idea - Kids hand print wall art / sign that says, "I'm as lucky as can be. the best Daddy in the world belongs to me.