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an article about harry potter and his birthday wishes for her on the webpage, which is
Gs CREDIT: WARNER BROS, PICTURES From Redditor My favorite Mrs. Weasley moment is when she gives Harry and Ron the traditional 17th birthday watches... She gives Harry her late brother's watch, and apologizes that it has a dent in it. She mentioned offhand that she bought Ron a new one, and they didn't have the money to buy two watches new, and Harry cuts her off by giving her a big hug. What she does with the watches is really perfect for both boys. If Ron had gotten the watch with the dent, he'd notice and he'd be resentful of getting yet another hand-me-down. Ron never gets anything brand new, all for him. So spending the money on the brand new watch was exactly what Ron needed to feel special and appreciated. Harry, on the other hand, has money from his parents. Something costing a lot of money doesn't have as much meaning for him. He gets to have new stuff all the time. What Harry doesn't have is family, and by giving Harry the family heirloom watch that belonged to the brother she loved, Molly is making Harry feel like one of the family. Which is exactly what he needed to feel special and appreciated. - iFunny
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harry potter and hermione's friends in the movie, i am not saying i hate victory
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15 Fondos de pantalla inspirados en Harry Potter para llenar de magia tu celular