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Sister Location, Iname, Freddy S, Twists, Sisters

Blade and Spider by on @DeviantArt

Blade and Spider by on @DeviantArt

Epic Mickey AMV~ Imaginary - YouTube

My new Epic Mickey AMV you have no idea how many times I made this in the past and was unable to upload.

inspired from a upcoming story by , and a memory for the magic and awesome man that started all the magic we all know and love, Walter Elias Disney enjoy pals

NO BAD BENDY!  Felix, Oswald, ink bendy, Milkshake Head, and Mickey Mouse.

Bendy is all like, "Heyy--now why don't you come over here so I can finish you and that'll make me happy k?

Mickey Mouse & Oswald The Lucky Rabbit. If you’ve never heard of him, you’re not alone. Few remember Walt Disney’s original cartoon star. Oswald appeared in several silent black and white films in the 1920s, only some of which have survived to the present day. This rabbit, not the now-famous mouse, might have taken the road to stardom were it not for a dispute between Walt Disney and his film financier. #Disney #Mickey #Oswald

Mickey Mouse & oswald heard of them i know who they are and im just a kid lol lucky rabbit aka oswald i did not know this about him so no affence to people who didn't know about him.