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Barco petrolero en el Mar de Aral

As if it wasn't clear enough already, even fossil fuel giant Exxon-Mobil has publicly accepted the harsh truth of the coming climate crisis. Even though they've spent the past thirty years trying t.

ArtStation - VR concept art, Eddie Mendoza

concept art for a VR game pitch inspired by Miyazaki and Native American mythology. it revolved around a teenager named Awahi who has to enlist the aid of the Kachina spirits after her world is suddenly overrun by mysterious ‘god machines.’ for more art, - Художник Якуб Розальский (Jakub Rozalski): «Заброшенная шахта»

'abandoned mine' - new painting from my series and Scythe game, another illustrations for the 'encounter cards' this time with Günter and his dire wolves Nacht & Tag, hope you like it, cheers!

1920 - duck hunting, Jakub Rozalski on ArtStation at

Cool sci-fi themed retro mech Art by Jakub Rozalski, a freelance concept artist, painter and illustrator based in Poland.