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Skeleton, 19th century Netsuke, Ivory

Japan Skeleton, century Netsuke, Ivory with staining, sumi<<<How the Sherlock fandom will look like when season 4 comes out

Human skull - Originally plastered and painted. From the Neolithic settlement at Jericho, c.7000 BC. AN1955.565 -

A plastered and painted skull from the Neolithic settlement of Jericho from around BCE

Oliver Cromwell's Death Mask - AN1990.91 - When Oliver Cromwell died, a wax mould was made of his features and was most probably kept by its maker, Thomas Simon. Seven weeks after his death a wooden effigy and wax replica of his face (made from the cast) were laid in state at Somerset House. Plaster-casts were made from the original wax mould. Ours was cast in the 1800s. -

Oliver Cromwell's Death Mask, this one at the Ashmolean. Several moulds exist. The National Portrait Gallery also has an Oliver Cromwell mask which closely resembles this one.