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a couple kissing in front of a wall with a street sign and graffiti on it
Video Piece on Banksy
Musashi Miyamoto Aikido, Samurai, Samurai Wallpaper, Samurai Art, Samurai Artwork, Irezumi, Tatoo, Asian Art
Musashi Miyamoto
a black and white photo of two cats on a wall with the words change the rules painted on it
Usuario: B_Weeber
Change the rules | @andwhatelse
a painting on the side of a wall with musical instruments and an airplane flying over it
Urban Street Art
#banksy #graffiti #stencil Make music not war Make art not war
a painting of a man sitting on the ground with a beer bottle in his hand
Urban Street Art
https://www.facebook.com/UrbanStreetArtCM #streetart #art #urban #banksy #graffiti #stencil
a star wars poster with a darth vader face and boombox on it
Moresco Grupo
#Banksy #art #urban