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various hand drawn tattoos and lettering on white background with black ink, in the shape of hearts
A Set of Retro Grunge Doodles Stock Vector - Illustration of fashion, appliqu: 141095672
a person with a mask on their face and a cow behind them is holding a chicken
vegan tattoo
a woman's thigh with tattoos on it and flowers around her waist, as well as a rose
Very swish, love this type of work!
a woman with a flower in her hair is shown on the arm and behind her ear
Small lady head from yesterday.
a woman's head with flowers in her hair on the left side of her arm
a woman's chest with tattoos on it and an ornamental headdress in the center
#LONDON #SEVENDOORSTATTOO #bricklane #liverpoolstreet #shoreditch #tattoo 👉🏻
a woman's arm with a tattoo on it and a rose in the center
Fun ladyhead for Michele thanks man! #gypsy #ladyhead #butterfly #skull #brooch #traditional #tattoo @sevendoorstattoo
a woman's face with roses and a crown on her arm
Gypsy gal for Keegan, thanks for looking. #gypsy #ladyhead #traditional #tattoo
a woman with a flower in her hair is sitting on a bed and has tattoos on her legs
a drawing of a pin up girl with an american flag on her body and wings
Sailor Jerry 16
Sailor Jerry 16 | Sailor Jerry was tagged with the name Norm… | Flickr
two women with flags on their backs are standing in front of an image of a ship
Sailor Jerry butterflies