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a black t - shirt with a white cat design on it's left chest
a black and white cat laying on top of a shelf in the corner of a room
Build your pampered feline a cat tree with old drawers!
a ball of yarn wrapped in pink and blue is laying on the floor next to a spool of string
Brinquedinho de gato
Depois de ver esse post do blog Morando Sozinha, minha cabeça teve um estalo. Olhei bem pra um dos brinquedos e percebi que tinha c...
two cats sitting on top of shelves in a room
The Weekender : Cat Room Makeover
a living room filled with furniture and wooden crates on the wall above it's head
Speel en slaap muur voor katten! Weer eens wat anders als een krabpaal en leuker bij je interieur!