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Kiss by rexjadis

Kiss by rexjadis



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If Anna is not your spirit animal, don't even talk to me.

17 Reasons Why Anna Should Be Your Favorite Disney Princess She's a tough cookie. Ok I can't stop watch Hans face when Anna punch him!

Even though the "true love" she thought she found was the wrong one....she never stopped believing in love.

FROZEN, the first Disney movie to teach girls that the first man won't always be right.>>>This one is true;>>>>one of the only Disney movies to teach girls that a man doesn't have to save them; they can save themselves.

Reasons I Want To Be a Mermaid

Funny pictures about Reasons I Want To Be a Mermaid. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons I Want To Be a Mermaid. Also, Reasons I Want To Be a Mermaid photos.

I have told James this so many times.

I honestly dont get why Ariel wanted to be a human. All Ive ever wanted in life is to be a MERMAID. I couldn't be a mermaid because of the whole fear of the ocean/shark thing.