Martina Pechniková

Martina Pechniková

Martina Pechniková
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Beach/Rustic Wedding Ring Box

Rustic Wedding Ring Box ~ Engagement Ring Box ~ Beach Proposal ~ Personalized ~ Ring Bearer ~ Ring Holder ~ Destination Wedding ~ Starfish This is just a perfect little ring-box!

I love these arrangements, I think I could duplicate this in silk flowers.

myfemmeownself got these from our covelles and danielles, and they sais do you want the ferst few then none more? myfemmeownself sais bring them all even if they line the shrubs! as each of them are special loves to myfemmeownself, each and every day!

오렌지와 화이트로 상큼하게 만든 꽃다발. .. :D  담에 또 뵈어요.. 헤헤헤 · · · · #꽃 #꽃스타그램  #플라워  #꽃선물…

오렌지와 화이트로 상큼하게 만든 꽃다발. .. :D 담에 또 뵈어요.. 헤헤헤 · · · · #꽃 #꽃스타그램 #플라워 #꽃선물…