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Wedding Invite by JEFFERSON CHENG

✣ STATIONARY ✣ ILLUSTRATION ✣ This is great because the printed folded wrap can be done without a die-cut (just angle-cut the sides on a standard cutter). Die-cut anything is budget death. And it's a beautiful innovative design w/o being over the top.

Editorial Design: Bluszcz Magazine

Type design research Editorial Design: Bluszcz Magazine

types of book binding

Beautiful finishing is provided by a saddle stitch method that ensures a rigid fold appropriate for a thick booklet as well as high-precision alignment, and a unique power-saving cutting and trimming method.

Leather Journal DIY

Anthropologie Leather Journal Hack Tutorial -- Supplies needed - Leather remnant, rotary cutter or scissors, leather punch (or a needle will also work), thin colored cord.

Markus Pyorala.

Tammikuukammo, design by Markus Pyörälä

Hiding in Plain Sight  AUTHOR Nuruddin Farah PUBLISHER Riverhead Books DESIGNER(S) Janet Hansen ART DIRECTOR Helen Yentus

Hiding in Plain Sight cover design by Janet Hansen (Riverhead Books /

Underwater world by Nozickova on Etsy

Underwater world by Nozickova on Etsy