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martina michalkova
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wedding or not love these...great idea for outside parties    Boho Beach Wedding DIY Tips

mehndi centerpieces - pakistani wedding - DIY SPAGHETTI JAR MOROCCAN LANTERN After finding some old spaghetti sauce jars, Katie painted them using dimensional fabric paint in gold; she simply used the tip of the appl

natural home with living roof

Bainbridge's Cob House classroom on Cortes Island, British Columbia, is made of sand, straw, driftwood and clay.

Building a tiny timber framed home in the woods with friends...

This tiny woodland house in the Dordogne, France is home to Menthe a French journeyman carpenter.

The Castle of Graz (Grazer Burg), Austria, 1438 The incredible conjoined spiral staircases were added to the castle by an unknown builder in Called “Stairs of Reconciliation”

A passive solar greenhouse built from cob, light clay-straw and salvage materials. wicked!!

A passive solar greenhouse built from cob, light clay-straw and salvage materials couples with other Earthship ideas to grow Fish, to fetilize plants & clean & reuse water.

We discovered a fantastic introduction to the benefits of Permaculture. It was written by Maddy Harland, editor of Permaculture magazine, and is full of great ideas to keep your garden thriving, including tips to make a garden on your roof, walls or a balcony if you don't have any other space available. You'll also discover the wonders of the "animal tractor" and "chicken greenhouse", designed to make your garden more efficient and self-sufficient!

"Top 10 DIY Permaculture Ideas" I don't understand this article, I can't see the ideas' anywhere on the page, but this one picture shows me quite a lot, and is a similar size to my garden.

Volute Water Feature by Tills Innovations. The mesmerizing and seldom seen effect of nature. The stunning vortex water feature by Tills Innovations.

The stunning Volute water feature by Tills Innovations. A vortex being captured and displayed in clarity and detail. What appears to be a solid piece of glass with a spinning vortex. A mesmerising water feature.