Mas estampaciones naturales

Celery fish would be a fun activity to pair with a fish thematic unit. I would use it with pk-kindergarten. I think I would use this after reading rainbow fish.

paper cat Fabiana

Book Week Use this template to have students write about the cat character (feelings, behaviours or in general) and pop up on display. Three cats’ stories in paper

Les animaux de la ferme:

Speaking prompt: use this picture to get kids talking about the farm and farm animals in French.

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Would be even funnier to use kids faces as the giraffe face.

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Illustrations for the russian publishing house "Azbookvaric" to the children encyclopedia "Seasons of the year in the forest".It is not big book: 5 landscape-pictures of the forest in different seasons of the year and differenrt time of a dayand 5 pictu…