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Numerology & Celebration of Life Babies are pure innocent love They do not know hate, criticism, jealously, revenge, or indifference. How does Numerology make a difference in naming your child? (Photo by Anne Gedde)

El Arte Romano tiene su principal manifestación en la arquitectura, tanto religiosa, como civil. Pero además también realizaron otras obras importantes como la escultura y en menor medida la pintura. #OjalaEstuvierasAqui #BestDay #Roma

Detail of a sculpture in the Altare della Patria, also known as "Il Vittoriano": a controversial monument built in honour of Victor Emmanuel, the first king of a unified Italy, located in

A Maneki Neko for ~ConsiderablyDin It was a request for a plump kitty and flat lines hee hee! It was differant that what i am use to, but I hope she likes it! There are 2 kanji.

Maneki Neko / Lucky Cat / Waving Cat in 2 Sizes – Matt Black

Maneki Neko / Lucky Cat / Waving Cat in 2 Sizes Black Day of

meganlara: “Maneki Luna by Megan Lara Grab the shirt on redbubble or teepublic (cheapest option!), print or sticker! I wanted to draw Luna as a “lucky cat.” I just picked the Sailor Moon imagery that.