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Stage Design Lady Gaga – Es Devlin

Es Devlin’s design for Lady Gaga’s original Monsterball Tour which ran Gaga later updated the concept of her tour and brought in designer Roy Benne

Greyscalegorilla Blog | Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Interview With GMUNK

o when FITC Founder and Master of Ceremonies Shawn Pucknell tapped munko to design the Creative / Print Campaign for the fan-favorite 2013 Amsterdam Conference, it was a great opportunity to make something Enter the Void-esque and radical-fresh.

ceiling projection mapping - Google 検索

ceiling projection mapping - Google 検索

An exciting project to create accurate images for the 2015 VMA award space as the staging was developed. Working with award winning stage designer Tom Scutt, various materials and structures were tested out in the virtual stage, along with mechanisms such…

Flashback: The singer referenced her most provocative appearance on the show, which took place in 2013 with Robin Thicke