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Credit: Nicholas Calcott Jeffers' studio, in nearby Cobble Hill. It enables him and Suzanne to cut off from work at home where they gather in the kitchen with friends, or head down to the boardwalk that looks out on the spectacular Manhattan skyline.

Body, Soul & Gold : Quests for Perfection in English Alchemy (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

George Ripley was a century alchemist who produced alchemical works containing rhymed criptic verses describing the process to create t.

alchemical images from the Beinecke Library

geisterseher: Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library. Mellon MS 110 [Alchemical and Rosicrucian compendium (selected pages)] detail of p.

Alchemy in Jacob Boehme’s Theosophy | Down the Rabbit Hole

SYMBOLISM: ALCHEMY The word alchemy conjures up images that are magical and mystical. Alchemy differs significantly from modern science in its inclusion of Hermetic principles and practices …

I would love this. Great alternative to the boring wooden gate.

Tree Portal Mandala I love everything about this gate: the mixed use of metal and wood, the mandala window, the tree with is filigree roots and branches, and it's placement within the stone wall. The whole thing feels.