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the back of a woman's stomach with tattoos on her chest and an image of animals
You'll Stare For Hours at These Mesmerizing Dotwork Tattoos
We'll just say it: these are the most impressive tattoos we've ever seen. Dotwork tattoos are comprised entirely of — you guessed it — dots and are often created by hand instead of machine, resulting in truly magnificent (though time-consuming) masterpieces. Anything you'd like to pay homage to can be immortalized in a dotwork tattoo, whether it's your favorite pet, vacation destination, or just a simple arrow design. No matter what you choose to get, the results will be awe-inspiring.
a woman with a heart tattoo on her shoulder
beautiful heart tattoo
geometric heart tattoo - Google Search
a colorful bird with its wings spread out
Justin Maller - FACETS - Flare - 165/365 (2013)
an image of birds that are drawn in pencil
Parrot drawing set vector image on VectorStock
Parrot drawing for embroidery pattern
four black silhouettes of birds flying in the air with wings spread out and one bird is
Flying Eagles Silhouettes - love the top left
an eagle flying with its wings spread
Soaring Eagle Tattoos
Soaring Eagle Tattoos Page 2
an eagle flying through the air with its wings spread
a black and white drawing of an eagle
Cool eagle tattoo would use it for chest or back tattoo
an eagle is flying with its wings spread
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Eagle illustration by Becky Brock