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SOAD system of a down serj tankian meme no bitches sugar Humour, Music Humour, Humor, Band Memes, Band Humor, Metal Meme, Really Funny, Meme, Music Humor
serj no bitches?
a man with a fake mustache is looking at the camera and has an interesting question
do you know how to twerk?
pookie dookie bookie boo boo bear serj tankian🫶
a man is taking a selfie in front of some busturines on display
a man holding a microphone in his right hand and smiling at the camera while standing on stage
a man with sunglasses on sitting in front of a metal door and looking at the camera
System of a Down Rio De Janeiro, Laugh, Silly
serj (real)
daron is so scrumbly
a man holding a cat in front of his face with hearts on the wall behind him
Serj tankian <33333