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a collage of photos with the caption'lauren naibeegu '
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a man sitting at a table with his hand on his face and the caption that reads
The 27 Realest Tumblr Posts About Periods
the text on this page is very funny
Science - FunSubstance
two men talking to each other in front of candles and text that reads, did you forget
the man is looking at his laptop while riding in the bus with another person on it
23 Hilarious School Stories To Read Instead Of Doing Your Homework
a woman with her mouth open in front of a tweet that says i am no man
She saw the chance, she took it
a text message that reads fitness tip never stop pushing yourself some say 8 hours of sleep is enough why not 10?
Yeah what even.... Like what are you trying to say 😂 - Funny
the text on this page reads, today in geometric, this guy was going on a rant about how we were paper and it's killing trees and i was getting really
Tumblr Schmumblr Part 11
an image of someone's texting about swimming in the water, and it looks like