fabric wrapped styrofoam balls = the cutest spring wreath. Can be done with a variety of fabrics according to occasion/holiday/event

Easter Egg Flower Pots

Creative Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Flower Pots Dye eggshells to be pretty pastels using an egg-dyeing kit. Carefully cut an opening in the top of the eggshell and fill with soil and a flower in a complementing color. Can be placed in egg cups.

spring wreath

Decorate with Handmade Wreaths

Flowery Spring Wreath - A simple moss-covered wreath form is dressed up for spring with a few redtwig dogwood stems, green ornament balls, and pink flowers.

Spring Wreath!

A Pretty Life in the Suburbs: My Wreath Obsession Continues. Very pretty spring wreath

summer wreathhttp://pinterest.com/pin/82331499407348411/#

Berry Wreath - Champagne - Wedding Wreath - Year Round Wreath The champagne colored ribbon on this lovely berry wreath allows it to take on a more elegant feel.