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Markéta Janstová

Markéta Janstová
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to je dokonalí :3

Prince Armani - Ragdolls - Ragdoll Cats & Ragdoll Kittens & Ragdoll Breeders for Sale ~ I want a girl in blue point from a Prince Armani

If I could be any animal in the world i'd be a WHITE TIGER!! I love these beautiful majestic creatures!! #fav

I like white tigers with blue eyes. I would name my white tiger Icicle Blue. Because I name it Icicle Blue is because she has blue eyes.

I told you not to disturb my nap!

* * " I suppose I shoulda listened to em whenz dey said me face would freeze like dis fer a day if I kepts bein' super grouch.

So I Heard You Liked That Golden Tiger #Amazing #Animals

I love those blue tigers! Second fave is the white tigers. then the liger/tigon, then the golden tiger, then the snow white tiger!