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Markéta Frysová

Markéta Frysová
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Bunraku style puppet

Robin Linklater A pair of 'bunraku' style puppets for NTU students Commissioned by Nottingham Trent University for puppetry and animation students, these figures stand at , 28 high. and each is made for three operators.

Storyteller. Concept for a miniature stage when telling fables and stories.

Storyteller - Doll with puppets. --> I like the idea of the storybook backdrop - this could work really well for a set! -->Although I have decided against doing the full show and set, perhaps I could make one section to display the puppets at the end?

My Red Cape: Covered Waggon style dolls

Above is a water color I did in the studying a doll like this, a very large one I was only able to borrow for a few weeks fro.

Sabrina_Gruss _beautifulbizarre (14)

French artist Sabrina Gruss is a sculptor who works with natural materials, vegetation, bones and corpses, turning them into cute and macabre sculptures.