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a white crocheted blanket on top of a wooden floor
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“Oooo, this is a bit lovely! White Granny Square afghan from the German blog Strawberry Diamonds. ”
This is stunning! Very interesting ✨
an angel cut out next to a pair of earrings on a cutting board with pins
Drátovací FORMA - ANDÍLEK5 12cm
Drátovací FORMA - ANDÍLEK 5 / Zboží prodejce JitkaMorys | Fler.cz
a white blanket sitting on top of a wooden chair
Watch how to crochet the moss stitch (video tutorial & diagram)
Beginning crocheters may find the thought of creating a beautiful project overwhelming. After all, the most beautiful afghans must be very complicated and super time consuming, right? Wrong. The crochet moss stitch is not only beginner-friendly, but.
a hand holding up a knitted object
Penye İpten çanta yapımı -1
Penye İpten çanta yapımı -1 - YouTube
freshly baked pastries on a baking tray ready to be eaten
Loupáček - makovka
Loupáček čili makovka je nádherně nadýchané pečivo, které vás vrátí do dětství! Velmi jednoduchý recept, který zvládne běžný nadšenec do pečení!
an info sheet showing the different types of tiles and how they are used to make them
Burda 1988 2
A diagram guide for putting together pretty much anything with granny squares/square motifs: tops, sweaters, purses, etc ~~ Also diagrams with triangles and hexies
a crocheted hat is shown with instructions for how to knit it
Knitting and so on
four pictures showing how to crochet an object
Kreisel Fingerless Gloves
Knitting and so on: Kreisel Fingerless Gloves
crocheted fox purses with scissors and pencils in each pocket, on top of a wooden table
The Foxy Pouch pattern by Julie Schappert
Ravelry: The Foxy Pouch Crochet pattern by Julie Schappert