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Killer Legs and Butt Workout

Total Body #Workout with a Resistance Band.

Need to get a resistance band then. Total Body with a Resistance Band. Slash major calories and sculpt from head to toe. Click the image to see the moves in GIF form.

Workout Songs

good a little inspiration Top 50 Workout Songs. What's your favorite song on the list?

The Best Butt Workout

Best Butt Workout For Women Who Want A Toned Booty (Download PDF)

The Best Butt Workout - Hip Thrusts, Donkey Kicks, Fire Hydrants, Plie Sumo Squats + Side Lunges. The girl in the pic is prob all of 18 years old, but what tha heck.

The ABC Body Workout: curls

Tone Your Way to a Bikini Body With the ABC Workout

Standing on the resistance band (adjust your feet until you find the right resistance) and keeping your elbows into your sides, curl the band up and out, making a W shape.