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Art: Dotpaint your favorite Pet, with Qtips or the back of a pencil with eraser. Little kids can use a piece of a winecork

cosas para hacer con crayolas

Use crayons to color different spots of bright colors on some paper. Color over the area with a black crayon. Cut out a shape. Use the popsicle stick to scratch out the black and reveal the colors underneath. or hang

Act with your hands art project for 1st-- sub? Maybe as changemakers what does it mean to act with our hands.  Draw out a whole sheet about an action you'd like to take to better your community. (give example)

Great, quick art project for the first weeks of school. What a fun to decorate and personalize the classroom. Could go with David Shannon's "A Bad Case of Stripes"


Art for Kiddos > mother's day toddler craft idea > masking tape painting

Trace the chicken within the six squares. Colour the chicken, wing and background with patterns in black. Colour the beak and comb with red. Paste the chickens on a red background and decorate the edges with white eggs.

Idea--have students draw one thing several times and experiement with line designs inside each one--Variety and Rhythm! By: Tekenen en zo: Pasen

Dès le CE1 : Art en 3D

Runde's Room: Optical Illusions in Art Class - an easy to complete art project that students will be proud of i like it because op art with illusions and colour pink and green on illusions