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How cute are these Walnut Mushroom Cookies?

A recipe for mushroom cookies, they're chocolaty, crunchy and have a moist nutty center. They are adorable and will liven up any dinner party table. (Christmas Recipes For Parties)

Doily Cookies (recipes for sugar cookie & gingerbread versions)  So Pretty!!

Doily Cookies for the Cookie Swap 2013 . roll out chilled sugar cookie dough . press lace pattern onto dough. then cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. make white clay ornaments this way

There are certain things that I look forward to every year, maybe with getting older you notice the years passing quicker so it seems more important to mark the seasons and celebrations! The last p...

Absolutely stunning, for sure have to invest in a cookie stamp now! Use a cookie stamp and runny icing to make gingerbread cookies even more special!