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Lilky nakrájejte na špalíky dlouhé asi 5–6cm a 15 minut je povařte v páře. Nechte je zcela vychladnout. Pustí-li v míse vodu, slijte ji. Pak do mísy...

Recepty: Salát z lilku (Gaji namul)

These Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts are not only beyond easy to prepare, but I guarantee they will be gone in no time so make plenty!

These beautifully caramelized roasted Brussels sprouts get lots of flavor after roasting with a toss in balsamic vinegar and honey. Will convert any hater!

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Picture of Recept - Perníkový dort

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Jamie Oliver's spinach lasagne recipe is a delicious and healthy vegetarian dinner, it's packed with veg so it's a great way of getting your five a day.

Nutritious and Delicious: Farro and roasted red pepper salad I Ottolenghi recipes I This ancient variety of wheat, when accompanied by shamelessly bold flavours, has a unique nuttiness and a great texture.