Brincos Fios 18K and diamond earrings from Silvia Fumanovich

Brincos Fios and diamond earrings from Silvia Fumanovich

Ocean Fantasy –Marine Creature Jewellery - -

Waves pendant from Christelle Ltd. Diamond, sapphire, and rhodium plated white gold.

Ocean Fantasy –Marine Creature Jewellery - -

Seriously, the ocean is a popular design motif in jewellery industry, before now and after. The jewels inspired by mysterious creatures who lives in the ocean like giant- -

Gold Struck Crystal Haze white gold earrings by Stephen Webster with turquoise, amethyst, tanzanite and blue topaz

The northern hemisphere is inching towards summer, which is perhaps why actress Emily Blunt chose to step out to a recent movie premiere in Los Angeles wearing a necklace - by Rachael Taylor