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10 Lessons on Leadership (poster)

10 Valuable Lessons About Leadership [Infographic] “Leadership is a lifelong learning process. Every great leader always looks for ways to improve. No one ever wakes up and says, ‘I know everything.

MiPow Power Tube 3000 - červený

MiPow Power Tube 3000 - červený

"Me without you is like a marketer without analytics. Lost, visionless, and confused." #LoveMarketing

Don't forget to check your stats & insights! You need to be able to adjust what needs adjusting and identify what works best for you!

Get the BABY MOP funny shirt at Better Than Pants!

Baby Mops, Footed Pajamas Made So Babies Can Clean Floors. im to lazy to make this but carter would get more cleaning done in a few hours of me chasing him around than i could get done in an entire week.

Single tasker VS multi tasker

Multitasker from - Projects / Mindjet - Between Minds Infographic Series