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Olympic Games of Westeros

19 Popular Game of Thrones Characters as Olympic Athletes, Too Funny!

true age of disney princess - Pesquisa Google

True Ages of Disney Princesses. No wonder I love Belle so much, we're the same age.<-lol, i guess that's the same case for me and Mulan! (I'm going on the "birth year" not the age listed)

16 amusing domestic habits everyone will recognize (By Astkhik Rakimova)

16 amusing domestic habits everyone will recognize (By Astkhik Rakimova) Accurate!

Giving second life.

Coke designs 16 new bottle caps so people can repurpose their empty bottles//AMAZING

Almohadas originales

The blood pillow. I need the blood pillow.


Andy Goldsworthy art An+Artist+Used+Nature+To+Create+Some+Amazing+Land+Art

Simon Beck's Art

Just Looks Like a Guy Walking Around In the Snow. Prepare Yourself It's Not What It looks Like - amazing mathamatical pattern art made by a guy walking in the snow!

Installation artist: leandro erlich - as shown on blog: the jealous curator - The Swimming Pool at the 21st Century Museum of Art of Kanazawa, Japan - The Swimming Pool might be considered a place where, slowly, with time, different perspectives and perceptions of self and others all come to intersect.

Leandro Erlich “Swimming Pool” - When seen from the deck, the pool appears to be filled with deep, shimmering water. In fact, however, a layer of water only some 10 centimeters deep is suspended over.

ONDAK Roman - Measuring the Universe - 2011 Par cette œuvre, Roman Ondak invite chaque visiteur à participer à son travail de mesure de l’univers, en rajoutant sa “mesure” à celles des autres. Les informations (taille, prénom, date) sont inscrites à même le mur de la galerie selon un protocole établie par l’artiste.

measuring the universe.- Starting as an empty white room, Roman Ondak’s Measuring the Universe at Tate St Ives has grown through the contribution of around participants to a constellation of black marks

Drawings... Keenan should check this out.  His brain works like this :)

Funny pictures about Pencil vs. Oh, and cool pics about Pencil vs. Also, Pencil vs.