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Queen Ankhesenamen - source page says it is a mummy mask from one of Tutankhamun's unborn daughters

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Chapter 2 Part 2 Eye makeup in Egyptian culture was worn mainly by royalty and leaders. Eyes were thought to protect against illness and were a part of their spiritual beliefs.


Cleopatra was very famous for using beauty oils to keep her skin young and beautiful! Fragment of a relief of Queen Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator (“Cleopatra the Father-Loving Goddess”) of Egypt, Century BC.

Encaustic roman-Egyptian mummy portraits from Fayum in Egypt; 150 AD - Stock Image

Encaustic roman-Egyptian mummy portraits from Fayum in Egypt;

*VULTURE BRACELET OF QUEEN AHHOTEP, an Ancient Egyptian queen who lived circa 1560- 1530 BCE

Vulture Bracelet of Queen Ahhotep I -- Gold, lapis lazuli, carnelian & turquoise -- Circa BCE -- During the end of Dynasty XVII -- She was the mother of Ahmose I, the first ruler of Dynasty XVIII. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo