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two people holding up cups filled with noodles
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papaya breakfast bowl with blueberries and granola in it on a white plate
Vegan Papaya Bowl Breakfast {Bermuda}
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the breakfast is ready to be eaten on the table outside with eggs, bacon and toast
Frozen Banana Snickers 🍌🍫
15min · 3 servings Frozen Banana Snickers 🍌🍫 Ripe bananas (spotty for max sweetness) • Natural peanut butter (you can sub different nut butter if you like) • Crushed roasted peanuts or nuts • Chocolate of choice (I use dairy-free/naturally sweetened) Cut bananas in half then slice down the middle (if you have sensitive teeth I recommend just cutting the banana into bite sized slices). Place on wax paper lined baking sheet or plate. Spread each slice with natural peanut butter, top with crushed peanuts, then drizzle with some melted chocolate. If you like lots of chocolate you could dip it! Place in freezer for at least 1-2 hours or overnight until frozen. If they’re too hard just let thaw a couple minutes at room temp. Enjoy!
two people holding up cups filled with food