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there are many small dolls on display together
All of the little weaving self portraits have now been added to the display board. This project took a while but worth it and gets a lot of attention in the school corridor. #weaving #weavingwithkids #wool #classroomdisplay #sewing #weavingselfportrait #kidsart #kidsartwork
two pictures showing how to make woven placemats with strawberries and tomatoes on the table
Woven Coasters - DIY - AllDayChic
Woven Coasters – DIY
four knitted objects with eyes and hands on them, all in different colors that are multicolored
several lines and dots are arranged in the shape of circles
Прошивание стилизованных изображений: прошивание окружности :: Приемы вышивки изонить
прием прошивания окружности в технике изонить
many different colored knitted items on a table
2nd grade's woven portrait turned out adorbs but SHEW! It took forever and a day. 4 weeks. And many STILL aren't finished.
four different types of origami flowers on a blackboard with text overlay
DIY 5 String Art Stars’ Tutorials and Templates from By Blikfang here.
four circular coasters with different colored designs on the top one has a star in the middle
Star Weaving - Ramadan Joy
Star Weaving - Ramadan Joy
a painting of a sailboat in the ocean with an orange and blue sky behind it
Výsledek obrázku pro výtvarka téma lodě na moři
the words are written in white on a blue background
Hračičky z krabičky - PEdagog POstižený Učitelským Šílenstvím
four pieces of paper with buildings painted on them
Blanka Weisgärberová Lakomá
Cool colors and contrast
four different colored paper paintings with buildings and snowflakes in the sky on them
Winter Cityscapes
Winds are howling outside and the temps are dropping fast! So…..I guess it is time to start creating some beautiful winter projects. I love the change of seasons and winter does not disappoin…
the different leaves are drawn in black and white, with one line on each side
podzim - Výtvarná výchova
podzim | Výtvarná výchova
an image of different animals and plants in black and white with the words written below them
stopy zvířat
there are many stars on the table and one person is reaching for them with their hands
Une guirlande d’étoiles en origami ! - Paperblog
[DIY Noël n°1] Une guirlande d’étoiles en origami ! | le blog Art & Déco
an origami star hanging from the ceiling in front of a plant with green leaves
Skládačka z papíru: Hvězda
Skládačka z papíru: Hvězda