Classroom Door Decorations #teaching #doordecorations #classrooms

Classroom Bulletin Board & Poster Inspiration

Classroom Door Decorations- this would be a fun way for kids to earn a class reward. Add a heart or circle until the caterpillar reaches the goal length.

PIRATES mapa - petitmón 1 - Picasa Web Album

Parent Led Activity (instead of a painting activity): take a map, colour it in and do the pirate treasure hunt.

Fine Motor Development toy for toddlers

Busy board/Activity board/Sensory Board/Touch board/Montessori toy/Handmade Wooden toy/Toddler present/Baby gift/Fidget blanket alternative

Back to school idea:)

Rolo pencils - great for Valentine's Day, teacher gift, back-to-school gifts, etc.not allowed to bring candy to school for kids (sigh) but cute idea.

zásady slušného chování v mš - Hledat Googlem

zásady slušného chování v mš - Hledat Googlem

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