Evelyn Ackerman tapestry. "Hot Summer Landscape" 1958

View this item and discover similar tapestries for sale at - 'Hot Summer Landscape' handwoven wool tapestry by Evelyn Ackerman for Era Industries with Matisse like amoeba figures.

Transparent book made by sandwiching prize possessions between 2 pieces of vinyl and sewing around the edges.

Sweet Mess: Artist books and visual journals. Clear pages with sewn edges. this would be an interesting idea to include in an otherwise "normal" handmade book.

Angélique-Marguerite du Coudray was a famous 18th century midwife and designed this mannequin to teach midwife trainees about delivering babies. Louis XV learned of her expertise and asked her to set up courses throughout France. From 1759-1779 she traveled the country with her mannequin and published her Abrégé de l’Art des accouchements (Abridged Art of Child Delivery).      Model pro výuku porodu, 18.století.

Angelique du Coudrays fabric womb - a midwifery teaching tool from France

Explore The Big Blue - I can see the kids curling up in the tentacles of this giant octopus and reading on a rainy afternoon.

Explore The Big Blue

Peru Hood Mask

Peru Hood Mask (I have a Paper Mache mask that I bought in a village high in the Andes, I love it)

rug by Josef Frank  svenskttenn.se

Carpet Josef Frank 1 Josef Frank’s Carpet I is built on his philosophy that carpets should show a real, preferably decorated surface, giving a feeling of solid ground underfoot. The gray base with its patterns and dots is reminiscent of a stone terrace.

Vintage indigo print fabrics sourced from China by Noel Chapman of Bleu Anglais. Use them to make cushions covers, tablecloths, table runners, lampshades - perfect for your interior design projects.

Selvedge magazine: The Fabric of your life: textiles in Fashion, Fine Art, Interiors, Travel and Shopping - Selvedge


Somehow felt seems particularly appropriate for fencing fashion. [From the Madeleine series, Angelika Werth's Fencing Dress. Instant fascination upon seeing it in 500 Felt Objects.

Henrik Drescher visited a fabric dying factory south of dali( china),this is their dye recipe book.

Henrik Drescher visited a fabric dying factory south of dali( china),this is their dye recipe book. via theplumtree -- something like this would be gorgeous as a fabric journal