CET Prague 2016

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We were able to stop in Berlin for a weekend for the International Film Festival and to check out the city. This memorial to Jewish Holocaust victims really stuck with me.
While in Budapest, a friend and I went exploring the castle and found this statue of a naked soldier riding a horse. It's so fun to come upon cool parts of European cities on your own.
Finally visited Letna Park, a really cool part of Prague located just a block or two away from our apartment. It's a really cool mix of views of historical Prague and today's city.
A few friends and I went on a weekend trip to Budapest from Prague! The weather was lovely for the most part, but the last day when we went to the Buda Castle featured some eerie cloud coverage.
One weekend, we were able to get to Copenhagen with a cheap flight. It was fun to visit the ocean for a bit!
We were taken on a quick tour of the city after arriving in Prague. I had seen this gothic cathedral before, but only in art history classes!
For art history buffs--I was going through the Lobkowicz Collection in Prague Castle only to find this Velazquez painting. I had never seen one of his works in person before, so I was very excited!
We went to check out a farmer's market in Praha 3, and finally figured out the location of this, the Prague Žižkov Television Tower. It sticks out a lot as the most futuristic element of Prague's skyline--even though I still don't understand what's with the babies.
There are so many great places to view Prague from since the city is in a valley--the view from Prague Castle was one of my favorites!
Since the Charles Bridge is right near FAMU, we went and crossed it by the second day. One of my favorite times to view Prague is sunset in late January/early February--the lighting was beautiful!