Weaving - we must do this! Gloucestershire Resource Centre http://www.grcltd.org/scrapstore/

Outdoor weaving, so cool - weaving is so much more than wool, or silk or those fibers that we buy at our favorite knitting shop. Fiber can be, and is, found everywhere . I love this outdoor weaving with wonderful fibers found in nature!

this one was created for a Nursery but it might be fun if I could hang some 3-D pom poms (yarn or tissue paper) in front of my word wall tree BB.

Classroom decorating ideas-love all of them! turn them into a pom-pom tree for a woodland-themed reading area.

DIY Kids' Water Wall by shareandremember #Kids #Water_Wall #shareandremember

Recycled Water Wall

DIY Water Wall Oh, the fun you can have with a peg board and zip ties! This is like a science experiment that is just as much fun to build as it is to play with. Start saving all of those plastic containers, and have fun making your very own!


irka-knopkina: Steampunk dragonfly from zipper & grommets.inspiration for a metals project focusing on grommets and sodering.

How-To Tutorial {Think Outside the Toy Box} Summer Fun series Plastic Pop Bottles: Waterfall, Water Wall, Upcycling plastic bottles, kids outdoor fun, toddler summer time activities, water play outside, water wall, reusing household items

This water bottle waterfall looks awesome to make. The Everyday Momma: {Think Outside the Toy Box} Plastic Bottles: Waterfall

DYI Marble Track!  (This is way prettier than the one Craig and I made but it's a great use for all the paper towel and toilet paper rolls I keep saving!)

DIY Marble Track