Marie Brogowski
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WATERCOLOR BACKROUND by marie.mada.brogowski on @creativemarket
VECTOR ILLUSTRATION  by marie.mada.brogowski on @creativemarket
The ultimate visual guide for beginners on how to make an infographic! [Free E-Book]
form of the male figure arm arms leg legs torso pelvis anterior posterior dorsal front back rear:
i mentioned like a week ago something about bahorel having a staffy named polly so here’s a quick sketch bc they’re cute af
Great advice for every guy on what kind of jeans they SHOULD be wearing, why, and how to select them. A must have set of guidelines!
Hand drawn camera vector by marie.mada.brogowski on @creativemarket
How to make a Ribbon in Adobe Illustrator
A new Adobe Illustrator tutorial that teaches you how to create a classic gift wrapping ribbon illustration for your design needs.