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Ow, my feelings! *edit* having watched 9X03 - Dean!!! I know you are not a heartless bastard! You really need to get your Cas-related shit straight. Now!<<hahaha everyone agrees

Not a thing I could add. WOW indeed << not necessarily a big Destiel shipper but their relationship is absolute goals


Only in the SPN fandom will Lucifer be considered misunderstood and defended and it will be ok.<<<First of all, I agree that Metatron became the Smelly Gabe of the Supernatural fandom. Also, Lucifer was was really just a whiny kid who threw a hissy fit.

Tbh this is exactly what i wanted

mikayla โ€ Jun 25 This is not what I imagined when I said I wanted God and Cas to interact.

spn, supernatural, tumblr, tumblrpost it would still be worth it though. Have them crying while holding the camera not wanting us to die

I need this episode to happen soo much! OMG imagine them making out with a camera ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ honestly just going on a hunt would be awesome.

The King of Hell, a fallen Angel of the Lord and a Winchester walk into a bar.

The King of Hell, an Angel of the Lord and a Winchester walk into a bar.>>>The Winchester dies by tacos, the Angel races down to hell to save him, and the King of Hell is dragged down too cause reasons.