Five Spring Ideas from Plastic Spoons

Plastic spoon chicken--A craft to help promote discrimination and production of /ʧ/ phoneme. Can be used in conjunction with books about chickens during therapy sessions.

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Rawwwr! Great lion paintings for younger grades + lesson in analogous colors.

John Post - Elementary Art Painting Paintery Project - Lion Paintings Painterly meas that the artist allows the brushstrokes to show in the painting.

Color It Like you MEAN it!: 4th grade chameleons

graders made these chameleons: First draw chameleons. Next draw foliage. Paint with acrylics or tempera.

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I'm thinking black cats in wood on real fence; tails out of something that would wag in the wind.

Bird in a Cage Tutorial – Art Projects for Kids

Bird in a Cage Tutorial

grade week 3 2017 Art Projects for Kids: Bird in a Cage Watercolor Tutorial. Step by step instructions.

ARTventurous: Raccoons

value, animals, ARTventurous: Raccoons. Whenever I see raccoons, I think of the book The Kissing Hand - which could easily be added! Brown paper and black and white oil pastels.

Projects for kids on Hajj Eid..

Projects for kids on Hajj Eid.